Small Group Training

Ever wanted to hire a personal trainer but just dont think you can justify it finanically?
With Small Group Training, get the attention of working with a personal trainer, in a fun small group environment.

Experience a mix of heart pumping warmup and dynamic stretches, to get the body fully loosened up, then go through our daily H.I.I.T. circuit, consisting of a fusion of all the new and effective functional fitness exercises that will give you an entire full-body workout every time! 
​ Groups are limited to 7 people to ensure our trainers can make each client get the most out of every second!

Fit Fusion SGT workouts are specfically designed to be the best way burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time.  High Intensity Interval Training has been proven to be the most effective type or workout for burning fat, increasing metabolism post-workout, and maintaing/toning muscle.

Every SGT Session

30 Minutes

High Intensity Intervals

Sessions limited to 7

Blend of Functional Movements and Muscles toning Circuits

New Workout Every Time

"Betsy F. reviewed Fit Fusion: 5 stars!  
I’ve been going here for about 3 weeks and I love it. I’ve tried so many different kinds of workouts and this is the first place I look forward to the class and wonder what we will do next. The trainers are all very friendly and welcoming. They tell you ways to modify the exercise if you physically can’t or can’t yet. I always feel like I’ve given it 100% when i go with their help. I highly recommend Fit Fusion if you are ready to enjoy working and take your fitness to the next level."


SGT is perfect for

  • Someone wanting a killer 30 minute workout
  • Burn Fat and Build Muscle
  • Raise resting Metabolism
  • Workout in a fun environment, wtih awesome trainers
  • Build and tone a crazy strong core!
  • Increase overall athleticism 
  • Someone wanting to get fit, not hurt!
$1 SGT Trial Session

Wanna Give it a Try?

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