Personal Training
You want results, and you want the most direct way to them. Fit Fusion assesses each Personal Training client, to determine where you are currently then lays out the quickest way to reach your goals, using proven exercise techniques. Your Personal Trainer will engerize, inspire and motivate you all the way to your goals and  more. Each Fit Fusion Personal Training session is 50 minutes to ensure maximum attention to each client, and includes strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, cardio and whatever  is necessary to get your resluts!
Discover the best workout to fit your body's individual needs.

Learn the most effecient path to get the results you want.

Attention and Motivation to see you to your goal, and make lasting changes.

Learn from a Fit Fusion Personal Trainer how to workout the right way!

We Specialize in

​​Weight Loss

Stregth Building

Functional Training

Muscle Toning and Fat Loss

Boosting Metabolism 

Increasing Flexibility and Mobility


"I've been training with Spencer for almost 2 months. I need and love his motivation. I feel like a success when I leave his class. my clothes feel much more comfortable, and I feel healthier. 60 years old ,and I feel so much vibrant. Fit Fusion and it's team are always pleasant, and very accomaditing. Love Fit Fusion!"​​
-Deborah S.

" I encourage you to go see them today! Exercise is so different now than when I was in my youth. I am in my late 50’s, I have been training at Fit Fusion for a year and with their help I feel like I’m in my 30’s again.  I give them 6 stars!"
-Wes S.

"I started working out at fit fusion in March this year. I’m already down 20lbs. I did their summer slim down challenge and lost 15lbs in 6 weeks. Doing this challenged Was a game changer for me. I have a better understanding of fitness thanks to Alexis and Spencer. Patty their nutritionist helped me by making sure all the workouts I did weren’t going to waste. I have knowledge I’ll be able to keep forever and I am so thankful for their support. Do yourself and your health a favor and check them out! It’s like no gym I’ve ever been to"
-Betsy H.

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