Small Group Training is unlike any workout you’ve done before. We call this affordable personal training, as long as you don't mind working out with a few others in a small group setting. Our focus is to give you the attention of personal training with the excitement of a fun small group, in 30 minutes! We value your time! Groups will never be larger than 6 people at one time allowing our trainers to maximize time with each individual. Everyone enjoys a great workout, great customer service, while getting fast results!

What makes our Small Group Sessions stand out? At Fit Fusion, we'll keep you challenged and consistent! We have created a workout fusion of all different aspects of fitness to include cardio, core strength, muscle building and toning, agility, balance and functional movements. Every workout is different! 

  • Small Group Training includes:
  • Small Group Training times are set by you and your availability, not ours
  • A safe "Full Body" workout for any fitness level or age!
  • Get the same benefit of working out for 30 minutes as you would in 60 minutes at other workout places
  • Workouts change everyday,you'll never get bored
  • All SGT classes are led by  Fit Fusion Qualified, Certified Personal Trainers

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Small Group Training (SGT)  

Small Group Training classes are offered several times a day allowing you to get a workout in whenever your busy schedule permits. 

"With no more than 4-6 people in a training session! You will get the attention you need to get the results you want! Everyone gets full benefit and full attention"

ALL SGT sessions are approx. 30 minutes  with a trainer plus 15-20 minutes of cardio exercise.  

"Betsy F. reviewed Fit Fusion: 5 stars!  
I’ve been going here for about 3 weeks and I love it. I’ve tried so many different kinds of workouts and this is the first place I look forward to the class and wonder what we will do next. The trainers are all very friendly and welcoming. They tell you ways to modify the exercise if you physically can’t or can’t yet. I always feel like I’ve given it 100% when i go with their help. I highly recommend Fit Fusion if you are ready to enjoy working and take your fitness to the next level."
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