Small Group training is unlike any workout you’ve done before. Classes are only 30 minutes! Our focus is to give you the attention of personal training with the excitement of a fun small group.Groups will never be larger than 6 people at one time allowing our trainers to maximize time with each individual. Everyone enjoys a great workout and great customer service all while getting fast results!

"Give Fit Fusion a'll be the best 30 minutes of your day !" Jacquie C.

What makes our Small Group Classes stand out? At Fit Fusion, we'll keep you challenged and consistent! We have created a workout fusion of all different aspects of fitness to include cardio, core strength, muscle building and toning, agility, balance and functional movements.  

Small Group Classes include:
  • ​A safe Full Body workout for any fitness level
  • Done in 30 Minutes
  • High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)
  • Workouts change everyday,you'll never get bored
  • All SGT sessions are led by a Fit Fusion Certified Personal Trainer


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Small Group Training (SGT)                                                                  

Small Group Training is offered several times a day allowing you to get a workout in whenever your busy schedule permits. 

SGT classes are 30 minutes and are for any fitness level! 

Do you have a small group(2-5) of friends, family or maybe co-workers that want to work out together? 
We cater the 30 minute workout to your small group! Contact us to get your customized small group training class scheduled today! 
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